Choosing a good wine from a wide range of excellent Spanish wines can be quite an adventure. Spainiswine want to make it easy for you to discover a vast world of wine for those of you looking for new options.

For this we have created the CLUB SPAINISWINE. Each month collaborating with our partners we can carefully select and send you some great wines made their wine cellars. This is for those who join the same passion for discovering and enjoying wine.

During this permanence as a club member you will receive our promotions and special discounts a become a member our lovers. The month you do not wish to receive the wine you may contact (please contact us before the 15th of the month ....)  See more







From 24,90€ / mes

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2 grand wines with information of the wine and details of each bottle. This is for vine enthusiast who want to explore different sensations and taste each month.


From 39,90€ / mes

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3 grand wines with information, details of each bottle and suggestions. This is for those wine lovers whose passion has no limit!

Spainsiswine Club

Receive monthly or treat someone to these wine boxes. It the best way to delve into the world of wines, vineyards, grapes and fantastic wine cellars where they are produced. Discover all this without any compromising of permanency and the ability to leave the club without complications.

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